Eberron 4e

For an “empty” temple, there sure have been a lot of drakkoth, dragonspawn, and now dragonborn hanging around! Since our heroes have found no sign of the relic they seek in the temple, and since these draconic creatures were trying to move the altar, and since our heroes were clever enough to get it to move, maybe it’s time to proceed down the stairs that lead down before them.

The sounds of feet are heard behind the party as they prepare to descend. Two humanoids, Shivan (shifter warden) and Yog (changling sorcerer) arrive, summoning Din Faren to return to perform another errand for Sur’kil, but staying to add their numbers to the party.

The party descends the stairs, finding themselves in a large cavern with a sluggish river running through it. A large black dragon skeleton rests upon a pile of treasure in the near end of the cavern. This is apparently the final resting a place of Kha’shazul, who could have used the stream to exit through the nearby swamp.

In the light of a sunrod, Shivan notices movement among the gold coins – hoard scarabs! And the presence of two bog hags on the other side of the stream is noticed. Shivan charges forward to engage the hags, and the rest of the party attempts to stomp out the hoard scarabs. As Shivan charges into the stream, a ferymire crocodile rears up from the waters. But the party soon drives off the crocodile, stomps out the scarabs, and kills both hags.


Late start so only one encounter. A change to the party, and a new players. XP at the end of the night: Emmere (35,190), Freakachu (36,575), Mythachu (36,575), Shivan (36,575), Silverleaf (36,575), and Yog (32,700).

The Stairs Beckon

DM notes: I was hoping the party would fixate on the skeleton, but they didn’t. And the higher passive perception of the warden paid off quickly – it equaled the Stealth roll of the hoard scarab swarm, negating the ambush.

The Stairs Beckon

I have seen enough skeletons in my time that they don’t really phase me anymore. plus, huge alligators and/or hags are a little higher on my “things to kill” list

The Stairs Beckon

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