This campaign is dedicated to the memory of John A. Krzewinski (18APR63 – 29MAR09). Semper Fi my friend.

I treat each campaign as a story set in the world of Eberron. Each story is written in chapters (quests). Some are short stories – micro campaigns of 3 quests, each quest being 5 encounters; one quest in each tier of play, but all using the same characters. Most campaigns cover 4-6 quests of 10-12 encounters each. These campaigns follow a PC over 4-6 levels. Finally, there is the epic trilogy campaign, beginning at 1st level and ending at 30th.

Eberron Core Statement

A new generation of heroes must find their way in a magical world that has been torn apart by war. They may explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, be drawn into intrigues on the mean streets or noble courts, or seek their fortunes on the dangerous frontiers of civilization. These explorers have a potential that sets them apart from the ordinary people of the world – and in time, they may be drawn into the greater web of politics, propehcy, and magic that shapes the world from the shadows. – Keith Baker

artwork by Wayne Reynolds


Adventure Log directions: Instead of creating new posts for your writing, please add them as comments to post with the teaser line.

Forget to bring your sheet to Doc’s? Consider uploading your character sheet to this site: I play 4e. A group google account has been created to sign in with if you don’t already have gmail.

Latest Updates

14Mar10: New wiki page up for Haunted Isle – the third quest in the Dragon’e Eye campaign.

08Jan10: New wiki page up for Finding the Path – the second quest in the Dragon’e Eye campaign. Also, updates to the house rules page

10Dec09: Game on this week!

10Oct09: Adventure log for next week’s adventure will be created no later than Wed, and usually sooner than that.

06Oct09: Check out the adventure log for this week. It includes common knowledge all the PCs have.

26Sep09: Uploaded new map of Khorvaire. Campaign restrictions for the Character Builder are added to the Character Generation page.

23Sep09: Revamping the wiki pages. Each campaign (Schema Campaign Homepage and the upcoming Dragon’s Eye campaign) now has a wiki with links to each adventure log write up. Also, check out what happens when Silverleaf fails at diplomacy.

16Sep09: Redoing the PC Generation wiki page to include background questions as well as house rules on dragonmarks and Eberron domains.

04Sep09: Questions finalized. See the Character Generation Wiki page.

10Aug09: Campaign Reboot notes. As mentioned before, we will spend the first night creating characters. I’m guessing we’ll do this sometime in late September. Anyway, I’m working on a list of questions that you should answer during character creation.

Future Plans: I’m planning another roughly 10 encounter quest beginning August 21. This picks up with the PCs after they deliver the creation pattern to Lady Elaydrin in Sharn. Once that quest is complete, I’m planning a campaign “re-boot”. This re-boot will begin at 12th level and will run through 16-18 the level. You can either level up your current character, or generate a new one. We’ll spend one gaming night creating the characters and discussing the campaign goals. In addition, there will be a character sheet each player needs to fill out. Nothing extensive, but there are questions I want each character to answer, such as “What did you do during the Last War”. I’ll post the questions here first once I finalize them.

22Jul09: Upcoming “House Rules” for dragonmarks and Eberron domains.

Eberron 4e

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