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The Schema Campaign was our first 4e campaign. It was a conversion of the 3.5e series of Eberron adventures and served to introduce the players to 4th Edition D&D as well as the Eberron setting. It began with 1st level characters and ended with the PCs between 8th and 10th level.

Quests with links to the Adventure Logs.

Forgotten Forge Shadows of the Last War

Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade

Grasp of the Emerald Claw

Khyber’s Harvest


  • Quinn Haldrin. Human cleric, Cyran refugee.
  • Arazan Silverleaf. Half-elf warlock. Cyran refugee. While appreciating the intrigue of a rogue or the call of nature that a ranger hears, Arazan has focused his early training in the mastery of the silver tongue and harnessing the energy within. A highly intelligent quick thinking charismatic man, he always seeks a diplomatic solution to his problems. However if diplomacy fails, in battle he is well focused on maneuvering about the battlefield taking advantage of his comrades strengths to avoid being hit himself while still delivering maximal damage to the party‚Äôs enemies. As the weakest member of any party he joins, it is amazing that he can hold his own in times of danger but Arazan longs for the day that he is respected for what he truly has to offer a party.
  • Emmere. Genassi stormsoul swordmage. Joined the party at Rose Quarry, where he was looking into the fate of some dwarven friends.
  • Teddy. Bugbear ranger beastmaster from the goblinoid kingdom of Darguun. Teddy was a mercenary hired out by House Deneith during the Last War. He’s become bored in Darguun since it’s become one big “happy” goblinoid kingdom, so he’s gone back to wandering around Khorvaire to see the sights.
  • Thoregrimm Doomhammer. Dwarf fighter. Cyran refugee.
  • Freakachu. Human warlord, possibly from Karrnath. extremely intimidating and sarcastic.
  • Dayerth. Eladrin rogue; sent off on a mission for Greykell to escape Sharn after he pickpocketed several members of the Sharn City Watch. Served with Cyran units during the Last War.
  • Noname. Drow ranger. Eaten by Teddy and shat out into an unmarked grave.
  • Lorin Stormway. Eladrin wizard. Cyran refugee.
  • Lusso. Tiefling wizard; killed by Garrow in Rose Quarry. Cyran refugee.
  • Zietrist. Dragonborn paladin; Cyran refugee who left the party and headed to Argonessa.
  • Balasar. Deva Avenger
  • Elaydrin d’Cannith

    Frequent patron of the PCs. Elaydrin is from House Cannith and bears the Mark of Making.

Significant NPCs

  • Garrow

    Priest working with the Order of the Emerald Claw. Garrow has been identified in the form of a vampire, and the form of a half-elf privateer.

  • Failin

    Travel “facilitator” woking out of the goblinoid capital of Rukaan Draal. Azarn has sworn to kill Failin after dealing with him on the way to Rose Quarry.

  • Lucan
  • Glaive
  • Viorr Maelck

    Viorr Maelck is a high ranking official in the Dark Lanterns, the Brelish secret service. He hired the PCs to apprehend and return Lucan Stellos, a Dark Lantern agent that had gone rogue.

  • Neya ir’Krell

    Neya ir’Krell is the Anudarian ambassador to the gnome kingdom of Zilagro. She helped the PCs pursue Lucan after his betrayl of her friendship. She asked the PCs to report back to her on the results of the chase. The PCs suspect she has connections to the Aundarian spy network.

Schema Campaign Homepage

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