Character Generation

Character Builder Campaign Settings

In the campaign settings tab of the character builder, uncheck the following items under the restriction tab:

  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide; Diety
  • Forgotten Realms Players Guide; Background
  • Player’s Handbook; Deity

Languages (Eberron Players Guide, p13)

The languages in Eberron are the same as those in the PHB, with the following exceptions:

  • Orcs speak Goblin, not Giant.
  • Drow speak Giant, not Elven.
  • Three new languages appear and are explained on p 13 of the EPG.

  • Any PC can take a dragonmark feat, regardless of race. A dragonmark feat cannot be retrained.
  • The dragonmark paragon paths add the race of the house in addition to the dragonmark feat as a prerequiste. The races associated with each house are as follows:
    Dragonmark Race House
    Mark of Detection Half-Elf Medani
    Mark of Finding Human and Half-Orc Tharashk
    Mark of Handling Human Vadalis
    Mark of Healing Halfling Jorasco
    Mark of Hospitality Halfling Ghallanda
    Mark of Making Human Cannith
    Mark of Passage Human Orien
    Mark of Scribing Gnome Sivls
    Mark of Sentinel Human Deneith
    Mark of Shadow Eladrin and Elf Phiarlan
    Mark of Shadow Elf Thuranni
    Mark of Storm Half-Elf Lyrandar
    Mark of Warding Dwarf Kundarak
PC Background
  • No one is perfect. What is one character flaw you possess? This can be physical or emotional.
  • Briefly describe one significant NPC from your past. This should be a mentor, friend, rival, or enemy.
  • Briefly describe how your character is connected to one other PC in the party.
Notable Life Event
  • The defining event of the current age, as far as the people of Khorvaire are concerned, was the Last War, which engulfed the entire continent for a century. The Last War erupted after the death of King Jarot, when his children, the rulers of the Five Nations, couldn’t agree on who would succeed him. Alliances rose and fell over the course of a hundred years, but at various points, each of the Five Nations turned against the others. The war finally came to an end after Cyre was consumed by a deadly mist and became the Mournland. The Mourning set in motion a peace process that culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK. So, what did your character do during the Last War?
  • Your character became a paragon somehow. What was one heroic thing you did before this campaign?
  • Name one thing your character is passionate about. This should be an ideal, a person, a place, or a thing.
  • What is one thing your character wants to accomplish during the campaign.
Domains (from Dragon 378)
The Silver Flame Hope, justice, protection
The Sovereign Host Civilization, fate, knowledge
Arawai Life, storm, wilderness
Aureon Arcana, justice, knowledge
Balinor Earth, strength, wilderness
Boldrei Civilization, justice, protection
Dol Arrah Hope, sun, war
Dol Dorn Skill, strength, war
Kol Korran Civilization, skill, trickery
Olladra Change, freedom, luck
Onatar Civilization, creation, strength
The Traveler Change, creation, trickery
The Path of Light Freedom, skill, sun
The Spirits of the Past Protection, vengeance, war
The Undying Court Fate, knowledge, undeath

Character Generation

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