Tag: Khyber's Harvest


  • An Old Patron with a New Look

    p. They did what they were paid too. They had travelled to Xen'drick, recovered the creation pattern from Garrow and the Emerald Claw, and returned the treasure to Lady Elaydrin. But something still bothered our heroes. p. It shouldn't have been …

  • It Is Alive!

    The chanting humanoids were no help. And the four armed, double mouthed aberrations were even less friendly. The search for Doria goes on, but it's getting darker and colder.

  • Have We Met?

    Surrounded by the cooling bodies of the dolgaunt and its dolgrim warriors, our heroes still haven't found Doria. Advancing further into the hidden cavern complex, they feel their spirits lift as the influence of Mabar wanes and the lighting improves. …