Eberron 4e

The Bloody Bridge
Welcome to Sharn!

It’s been four years since the Day of Mourning. Two years since the end of the war. Our heroes have wandered far and been through much. Against all hope, Lusso, Quinn Haldrin, Azarn Silverleaf, Zietrist, Dayreth, Jim Darkmagic, and Lorin Stormway have become reunited amongst the survivors of Cyre that huddle within the refugee camps of Sharn.

It’s time to go out on the town, celebrate life, and mourn companions lost. But as the PCs wander the upper levels of Sharn, they come across a body and a new chapter in their travels begins.

Ruins of Drosharn

The party explores the ruins of Dorsharn and finds the forgotten House Cannith forge.

The Forgotten Forge

The party finds the schema in the ruins of the forgotten Hosue Cannith foundry. The schema is an adamantine plate, in the shape of a 7-pointed star and is about 6” in width.

The PCs are again attacked by warforged serving the Lord of Blades, but they fight them off and deliver the schema to a grateful Lady Elaydren. She instructs them to check at the House Sivas message station in the Barmin tower for possible future work.

Call for Help

The PCs, following the Lady Elaydren’s instructions, periodically stop and check for messages at the House Sivas message station. One night, they discover that the message station has been ransacked and a message meant for them has been stolen. While waiting for the City Watch, a message owl drops a follow-up note to the party, summoning them to meet Lady Elaydren at the Broken Anvil.

Once there, the meeting with Elaydren is abruptly ended when a warforged soldier and a band of mercenary kobolds charge in.

Journey to Rose Quarry

The PCs arrive in Rhuukan Draal, capital of the goblinoid kingdom of Darguun. There, they find Failin and make travel arrangements. Failin has ownership of an earth elemental powered land cart that he uses to transport the party to Rose Quarry.

Rose Quarry

The PCs explore Rose Quarry, searching for directions to Whitehearth and encountering soldiers of the Order of the Emerald Claw for the first time.

The Map Room

The PCs find the map room in Rose Quarry and decode the directions to Whitehearth. Then, Garrow introduces himself to the party by killing a PC.

Need to add more details about the map room and Garrow here. Stay tuned.

The Mournland

The PCs pay their first visit to what was once their homeland of Cyre – what has now become the Mournland. They find the entrance to Whitehearth.

Whitehearth - Part I

Our heroes get past the guardians and enter Whitehearth.

Whitehearth Part II

The PCs find the schema. They also find a duplicate of the schema, an eldritch machine that House Cannith used to destroy Rose Quarry, and what must be a creation pattern that makes use of the first two schemas the party has recovered.

But what about the doors in Whitehearth that the PCs didn’t find keycharms to? And what’s up with this creation pattern – there’s room for two more schemas?

As the PCs leave Whitehearth, pondering these questions, Garrow unleashes the trap he has set fot the party.


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