Eberron 4e

I Knew She Was No Lady

She disappeared with the schemas and the creation pattern leaving us to be attacked by the forces of the Emerald Claw. Being blasted from afar, your friendly neighborhood warlock did what he does best, hid. Enemies in front of us, enemies behind us, so I volleyed and thundered. Cutting the dark dwarf off from his minions was masterful. But the real trick from the party came from the rogue and the ranger who repeatedly pushing him back into the darkness. (Feast on your enemy with a well placed Hungar. Our party was smacked around fairly brutally by the staff-dude leaving half of them unconscious on the ground. Once again death would have befallen our party had it not been for the warlock. With adrenaline augmented strength (I have none of my own), the warlock grabbed his fallen comrade dragging him to healing.

Once Ranger-boy discovered the teleporter, we found that Lola-want-to-be (“she looked like a woman but she talked like a man; my Lola, my la la la Lola”). It was that cross-dressing, gone insane Garrow. Screaming foolishness and then he flings the schema into creation. It created a beast, (warmachine) a mindless, trampling machine intent on walking on the warlocks head for spanking it like delinquent teenager you’ve taken to the woodshed. But I am a beast. A critical from the warlock will stagger the most formidable opponent. Ok, ok, once hit warmachine was not phased by the warlock, only pissed-off. So the warlock resorted to his prime function, running. Round and the round the pillars he chased while the party smacked at him. Warlock-envy is a good thing. It chased me while the party hacked it to bits. We going home, another quest completed. I think I need to arm myself with healing, the party get into too much trouble. “Maybe I’ll learn how to resurrect the dead, since so many people are intent on dying and healers tend not to travel with us any longer.

Where Did The Nice Lady Go?

One minute, she was explaining how she had been kidnapped from her position as a provost for Morgrave University and forced to help the Emerald Claw in their search for the fourth schema. Then she quickly grabbed something that looked an awful lot like the creation pattern with three schemas in it, dropped it in the pocket of her work smock, chugged a potion, and vanished. Who knew this rotund older lady could move so fast? And where have we seen this sort of escape before? And most important, what aid was called for after she vanished?

Chivalry is Dead, I’m killing it!

How I got infected with mummy rot, I do not know. It clearly was not the mummy chunk spewed about the room because I was safely hidden behind a wall. Ah, mummy rot is an airborne disease, sort of like chickenpox. That’s the only way the enemy can get to me, some airborne virus or something.

While my life was spared by the clerical observer, his proficiency left me at much less than full strength. However, despite my wounds others needed healing much more than I. (No one was going to touch me in battle.) Attacked by scorpions, a Drow priest with her minions, no more than a speed bump for your friendly neighborhood warlock. Minions fell before my curse and I rained upon priest-lady and her scorpion pet. Ok, she got pissed and smacked me back, immobilizing me or so she thought. I still bounced around the battle field as I sent her minions packing. Emerald Claw guards were also no match for our party. I softened them up and phantom snake-boy messed with their minds. A transportable phantom snake, now that’s the ticket, if I could only shoot eldritch blasts from its eyes.

After much exploration, we found her. (“There she was just walk’in down the street”, singinh “do wha diddy diddy, dum diddy dum”) She seemed so helpless, she seemed so kind, and she seemed to be in distress, what was a poor warlock to do? I checked her out (too old and homely for my taste). I beguiling tongued her (G rated), all seemed in order. Alright, alright, she tricked me into giving the Emerald Claw people the secrets the their quest. It was not her beauty that captivated me. She seemed like a mere scullery maid. How was I to know she was their leader? I’ll make her pay for making a fool out of me.

That reminds me, a rangers or rouges who step onto a traps and mames the party because they forgot to look for a trap is a disgrace to his or her guild. Between the mummy chunks and the landmine my life was in danger and not an enemy in sight.

I was thinking about getting a bunny as a familiar if it will give me additional hopping skills.

I Can See Clearly Now

Our heroes have a Lens of Reading in their possession. Where do they head next?

Unfortunately for them, they are also all infected with Mummy Rot and in need of an extended rest. Fortunately for them, they have a shaman that’s a fairly competent healer and a warlock that can be rather persuasive and the shifter cleric that has been observing them. It’s time for an extended rest, and by the time it’s done, the deva avenger, hafling rogue, half-elf warlock, and human shifter are all disease free, the bugbear ranger and dwarf fighter have wandered off in search of food for the ranger’s pet cat, and the party has discovered a disoriented dual wielding elf ranger who now tags along.

Taking the lens of reading to the ziggurat on their current level, the discover that the glyphs on the lower two levels tell a creation story. The three single glyphs on the top level are each a name that warlock recognizes as archaic names for stars.

Having cleared this temple level, the intrepid band of heroes heads back down the stairs to the gallery level, planning to go back to the stairs leading to the dark level, and the first ziggurat they saw. But as they reach the gallery level, they learn the drow are still present and still pissed about the destruction of so many of their nests. Having seen the party ascend the stair to the temple level, they’ve set an ambush. A glyph of warding explodes, hitting most of the party, and then the drow pop out, unleashing volley after volley of javelins while a large scorpion and a drow priest charge the party.

The deva steps forward and smites at the scorpion, only to be grabbed by its fiery claws, stabbed at by its stinger and smashed by tha mace wielding drow priest. The halfling, dazed by the explosion, does what he can to help, flinging daggers at the scorpion. The ranger and warlock attack the drow warriors, slaying several quickly. The shaman engages several more drow warriors with his spirit companion. By the time the hafling can clear his dazed head, most of the drow are dead. All for the cost of one bloodied avenger.

The party proceeds to the dark level, and using the lens of reading, they discover another version of a creation story on the lower two levels of the ziggurat. The top level has three different glyphs, each another funny sounding name. No one is sure what they mean, but the party guesses they may be more star names.

The party heads back up the stairs from the dark level to the gallery level, again traverses the gallery level to the stairs up to the temple level (without stumbling into any more drow ambushes this time), then up the temple level stairs, to the circular staircase they have yet to ascend.

At the top of the stairs, they discover fresh supplies, enough to equip a fairly large expedition for a significant time. Carefully going through a large set of doors, they then discover the stores are guarded. Three Emerald Claw soldiers and a rotwing zombie bar the way. But not for long.

Quickly dispatching the sentries, the party pushes on, discovering more stores, a human sized stairway, empty rooms , and finally coming to a large throne, set on an iron disk, surrounded by work tables with a rotund older woman in a work smock busy muttering to her self and studying the disk. Approached by the warlock, she tells them she’s a kidnapped provost from Morgrave University and is being forced to help the Emerald Claw discover a powerful magical item. The warlock senses she’s being honest, and is rather surprised when she grabs an item off a nearby work table, pulls out a flask, quaffs a potion, and disappears!

Current XP levels:

  • Alviar: 10,885
  • Azarn Silverleaf: 16,375
  • Ba Lazar: 11,635
  • Elthilis: 8,090
  • Freakachu: 10,690
  • Grimm: 7,500
  • Teddy: 11,435
  • Thorgrim Doomhammer: 9,250
Getting Ziggy With It
"Grasp of the Emerald Claw"

Following an extended rest on the lower level of the ziggurat, the party examines it more closely. They find it covered with an undecipherable script and realize they need some sort of device to decode the arcane encryption. Searching the rest of this dark level, they find nothing.

They head back down the stairs and cross the gallery level towards the first stairway they spotted, avoiding the area of the drow nests. They ascend the second staircase, again sending the bugbear and hafling forward as scouts.

At the top of the stairs, they surprise two Emerald Claw warriors standing guard. But the distance is great enough that the guards manage to cry out a warning as they go down in a hail of daggers and arrows. The party assembles on the landing and moves through the door to see what the guards have warned.

They find themselves in another gargantuan chamber, containing a huge ziggurat, similar to the one seen on the dark level. A half dozen Emerald Claw warriors have taken position on the ziggurat steps with crossbows, crouched behind their shields. A camp is at the base of the ziggurat,out of which charges a mummy and a fighter who soon proves to be an anti-paladin.

The combat is fierce, but the party brings down their foes. As the final enemy, the mummy lord, falls, he manages to curse everyone in the party with mummy rot. The ziggurat, like the one seen earlier, is covered with writings that are protected by an arcane encrption. Feeling pressure from the disease now infecting them, the party pushes on in search of something to read the encrypted writings with.

As they explore the rest of this temple like level, they come across evidence of deadly traps and the remains of Emerald Claw soldiers that triggered them. Entering one chamber, the party is halted by the shaman, who detects some motion in the corners of the room. The motion resolves itself into swarms of hoard scarabs and once again, combat ensues. When the action finally stops, the party has cleared two rooms, disabled a trap, and eliminated 4 swarms of hoard beetles. But, sitting on a pedestal, surrounded by gold and gems, they find a Lens of Reading.

Back to the ziggurats! But first, do they need another extended rest?

Drow Envy

The dwarf returned with an avenger (whatever that is) and a rogue. Adventuring with rogues leaves me a little unsettled but we are in the middle of nowhere so I just have to keep one eye open.

I have always wondered about my elfin roots. Why did my mother leave me with my father? I always dreamed she was a Drow. The mystique of it all, somewhat dark but truly exciting or so I thought. Ok, so ship guards, at the airship, were not that impressive. We would have made short work out of them but then they came. They are like insects, gnats, flies, roaches. In droves the little pest came from out the woods. Javelins to the left of me javelins to the right of me volleyed at the dwarf. Personally they were as easy to kill as a roach but what a nasty smelling mess. My mama was no Drow.

Into the ruins we go only to find the drowned corpses of what appears to be fallen claw soldiers. They again were an easy kill. I find the ghost a little disconcerting. What awaits us as we press forward? If mama wasn’t a Drow, what are my elfin roots, maybe one day I will gain some understanding.

Entering the Ruins

You would think a pair of giant stone hands would be easy to find. But not in a jungle! Our heroes almost missed the landmark, and had to turn around in the river. When they finally reached shore, they discovered three Emerald Claw soldiers standing guard. Well, two were standing guard. The third was running up the trail to the ruins in the distance to warn the rest of the Emerald Claw expedition.

So then, the chase was on! Teddy sent his “kitty” after the fleeing guard, and the rest of the party quickly maneuvered to take out the sentries. But as the party spread out, the fleeing sentry turned back towards them, and our heroes realized a new force had entered the fray – a raiding party of drow, with a couple of scorpions!

A quick alliance with the Emerald Claw soldiers offset the drow numbers and the battle was on. When the dust settled, one of the Emerald Claw soldiers was down, but the drow had been defeated. Now, after tying up the surviving guards, it was on to the ruins!

The ruins are gigantic! The lower level is an open gallery, and the signs of battle were all over the stairs – dead drow, Emerald Claw soldiers, and broken and burnt drow nests. While exploring, the party sensed the presence of something, or someone, but avoided contact. Instead, they advanced up one of the stairways where they had seen glimmers of torchlight.

At the top of the stairs, they encountered two more Emerald Claw solders, and a three headed skeleton that were trying to open some very large doors with an arcane device. Water was trickling out around the doors. The opening barrage from the bugbear and the halfling dropped the skeleton, and the rest of the party began charging up the stairs. As they reached the top of the stairs, the Emerald Claw soldiers leaped to one side of the doors, the skeleton stood back up, but now had two heads, and the doors burst open, unleashing a torrent of water down the stairs.

Rest of fight

News from Arazan's Corner

I returned late from our last adventure. Searching for artifacts, searching for treasure or just stopping off to visit my sister, a hero’s job is never done. I was sad to see cleric-boy stay behind. I will miss him. He was the only one who seemed to understand my true value to the party, (Siver tounged whimp who can deliver the beat down if allowed to position himself properly). “Bye bye Cleric-boy, may we one day meet again”

I was surprised to find Teddy in the company of a shaman and an avenger. I do not know that I trust them but they help save Lady Eladrin so they can’t be all bad. As we approach Lady Eladrin’s house the stench of undead “ankle biters” was everywhere. I rushed into the building and with a mighty blast I rocked the house. Since the Lady was still taking too much damage, I left her safe behind a cloud of darkness and continued to fight positioned safely behind the avenger. Chivalrous beast that I am, I impress even myself. Unfortunately, pride cometh before the fall. My night of striking ended. Hopefully the new additions to the party did not notice that I could not hit the broad side of a barn after my iniital onslaught. Critical miss after critical miss, maybe my sisters cooking did not serve me well.

While on the journey there was little use of my silver tounge, knowledge of the streets proved valuable to the party as we searched for the last peice of the puzzle. Teddy, of course falls out of the boat only to attract a bone dragon. The interesting thing is that there were pet every, real imaginary but pets none the less. I did assisted in Teddy’s rescue but I was left with a sense of inadequacy. I got to get me a pet, a shadow dragon or something. I think a shadow dragon would enhance my overall presence.

Another Rainy Night, Another Quest

The rain has returned after a few welcome days of sun, and now the steady beat of water falling on the roof and nearby suspended walkways fills the air with constant noise.

It often seems rain is a prelude to adventure in Sharn! Azarn Silverleaf has returned and is meeting the potential new party members when the gargoyle messenger shows up, bearing a letter from the Lady Elaydren. And with that, the party is off on another quest.

When the arrive at the Lady’s townhouse, they quickly figure out something is not right. The broken windows, smashed furniture, and little ankle biting skeletons may have clued them in. Hearing Elaydren’s screams from inside, the party attacks.

They dispatch with skeletons fairly quickly, and learn that a task force of Emerald Claw warriors has ransacked the place. Baron Merrix d’Cannith had given Lady E the creation pattern and schemas the party had retrieved in earlier quests, along with some notes from an ancestor, for study at home. Somehow, the Emerald Claw must have got word of this and attacked. They were lead by a rotund, jolly man who sweettalked his way in. But once inside, his appearance changed into that of an emaciated human male, with pale skin, red eyes, and fangs.

Lady E asks the party to retrieve the stolen items, but to keep a low profile while doing it. She doesn’t want Baron Merrix to find out she failed to protect the items he entrusted her with. And she greatly fears what the Emerald Claw could do with the creation pattern, once it is assembled with all 4 schemas. Will the party try to catch the Emerald Claw as they try to find the fourth schema?

Lady E provides the party with notes she had taken from the manuscripts Baron Merrix had given her.

New Faces

New Cyre. 4-5,000 souls, almost all of the survivors from Cyre, call this piece of Breland home. Arriving there with the rescued House Cannith heir, most of our heroes decide to take some time and do what they can to ease the daily plight of the Cyran refugees.

While the others do their civic duty, Teddy and Thorgrim head back to Sharn to report to Lady Elaydren. On the journey back, they come across across a campfire with three companions. Teddy and Throgrim are invited to join this fellowship, and discover their new acquaintances are Alvair, a human shaman; Freakachu, a halfling rogue; and Ba Lazar, a deva avenger in the service of the Silver Flame.

These three are on their way to eradicate a group of snaketongue worshipers that have been raiding nearby communities. Alvair, Freakachu, and Ba Lazar have tracked the worshipers down to a decaying temple in a swamp. Figuring the more, the merrier, the three invite Teddy and Thorgrim along. Always looking for a fight, Teddy and Thorgrim promptly accept the invite.

The five enter the temple, finding what seems more like a swamp than a place of worship. In the entry area, they interrupt weapons practice. The initiates and warriors present soon get more practice with their greatswords that they intended. And shortly after the “practice” begins, the snaketongues are beyond worrying about practice ever again.

Pushing on, the five (and their pets) next come across a collection of snakes – huge constrictors and medium sized fire snakes. Between spitting fire and constricting coils, the party manages to create lots of fresh snake meat.

The final few snaketongues are holed up in the final chamber of the temple. But this chamber has slipped further into the swamp, essentially leaving an island, surrounded by a moat in the center of the chamber, and some raised areas along some of the walls. Teddy rushes across the wooden bridge to the island and a golden whip of psychic energy lashes out at him as the remaining initiates surrounding the island leap the moat to attack. Despite the pain, Teddy drops several of the initiates as they spring towards him with well aimed shots. The rest of the party rushes in to support and the entire party is restrained with green tendrils of energy springing up from the floor.

One by one, the party members succeed in breaking their restraints. They now only face the celebrant, but with a roar, a new enemy apprears. A huge crocodile squeezes up through the moat to seize first the dwarf, then the deva in its jaws. The party drops the celebrant, then turn their attention to the crocodile.

But are they too late? With a couple of bites, and a shake of its mighty head, the crocodile swallows the deva. The party redoubles the efforts to swallow the beast, raining down arrows, sword strokes, and spells on the creature. The flurry of attacks culminates with the deva’s sword cutting through the croc’s hide from the inside and the deva emerging from within the corpse of the creature.


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