Eberron 4e

The Forgotten Forge

The party finds the schema in the ruins of the forgotten Hosue Cannith foundry. The schema is an adamantine plate, in the shape of a 7-pointed star and is about 6” in width.

The PCs are again attacked by warforged serving the Lord of Blades, but they fight them off and deliver the schema to a grateful Lady Elaydren. She instructs them to check at the House Sivas message station in the Barmin tower for possible future work.

Ruins of Drosharn

The party explores the ruins of Dorsharn and finds the forgotten House Cannith forge.

The Bloody Bridge
Welcome to Sharn!

It’s been four years since the Day of Mourning. Two years since the end of the war. Our heroes have wandered far and been through much. Against all hope, Lusso, Quinn Haldrin, Azarn Silverleaf, Zietrist, Dayreth, Jim Darkmagic, and Lorin Stormway have become reunited amongst the survivors of Cyre that huddle within the refugee camps of Sharn.

It’s time to go out on the town, celebrate life, and mourn companions lost. But as the PCs wander the upper levels of Sharn, they come across a body and a new chapter in their travels begins.


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