Eberron 4e

Off to the Races

Back in Adderport, the party goes over events with Sur’kil. Someone had clearly found the altar before them. Someone else was clearly looking for something called the Dragon’s Eye and now believed our heroes had taken it from the altar. And what is up with these abberant dragon marks? If the dragonmarked houses find out, things could be really bad.

While Sur’kil goes off to research the aberrant marks and who may have found the temple, he suggests the party nose around Adderport and see what they can come up with. The party spends the better part of a week looking for archives, doing historical and arcane research, talking to people, even resorting to breaking into the ancient document room at the library. They learn that over 1,000 years earlier, a group of adventurers manifested marks similar to theirs. Within a year, this earlier group had all died from the power of their abberant marks, except for their leader, a Sarlonan named Jhaemast. He survived many more years before dying and being buried. p. Our heroes futher learn that the grave of Jhaemast may have been found about 2 years earlier by another explorer. A journal of that trip was purchased recently.

So, our heroes head for the mansion belonging to Vorgaard, a Karrnathi expatriate who has the journal that may lead the party to their only hope of survival.

Sailing on the elemental galleon Swiftwind, our heroes make their way from Adderport in Q’barra to Vorgaard’s estate in the Lhazar Principalities. Upon arrival, they discover Vorgaard has already had visitors, and now those visitors are standing on Vorgaard’s porch!

The horde of Seren dragon-cult clansmen, lead by a dragonborn gladiator and accompanied by two bluespawn stormlizards now demand that our heroes place the Dragon’s Eye on the ground and leave. This presents a problem for our heroes – they don’t have the Dragon’s Eye! In fact, they don’t know what it is. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the mansion now bursts into flame.

Our heroes lives may depend on a journal that appears to be inside a burning building and access is barred by a group of unreasonable barbarians. So they attack. Gaining the upper hand, our heroes realize that Veln, the changling who ambushed them on the road back to Adderport is also here. But he escapes the party in the swirling confusion of combat.

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

Standing watch and recuperating, the party debates their next move. As they do so, Emmere, Mythachu, and Silverleaf notice a surge of arcane energy from the altar that quickly subsides.

Nothing more happens and the party uses their sending stone to report the recovery of two artifacts to Sur’kil. As the party heads back to Adderport, they are stopped by a group of dragonborn and human barbarians, being guided to the temple by the prophecy loremaster that escaped earlier. They demand that our heroes hand over an artifact called “the Dragon’s Eye”.

Unable to convince these new arrivals that they did not have the Dragon’s Eye in their possession, our heroes are forced to defend themselves. They dispatch all their opponents except one that takes on the form of loremaster and escapes through the woods.

As they finish the journey to Adderport, our heroes discover that they have each developed an abberant dragonmark.

Something's Burning

Packing the considerable amount of treasure from the “liberated” dragon hoard, our heroes go through a secret door they find in the dragon’s cavern. As they advance down a finished passageway, they all begin to sweat until finally someone asks the question “Is it getting hotter here?”

Through the door, down a flight of stairs, and out through a set of double doors. Our heroes find themselves looking at another set of double doors about 70’ away. But the floor drops 30’ to a lava covered floor, with three platforms floating in the air between the landing our heroes are on and the landing in front of the other door. And did I mention the heat? Through the use of their skills and teleportation abilities, our heroes work their way across the room, despite the heat and the unexpected release of cannoloth harriers from a khyber dragonshard prison.

Feeling the effects of the heat, our heroes gratefully sink to the floor of the next room and take a short rest. They realize the only exit from this room is a stairway leading down and it is barred with a glowing grate. But a combination of athletic, thievery, and arcana skills overcome this barrier and the party descends the stairs, entering a large natural cavern.

The large chamber is split by another lava filled chasm, spanned by a narrow stone bridge that has partially collapsed. Across the chasm, the party can see an altar, and a sarcophogus. As they investigate more, the lid flies off the sarcophogus and the bones within quickly form a stoneborn dracolich which attacks. Around the altar, demonic manifestations are released as the runes inscribed in the floor flare brightly, then dim to a dull purple color.

The battle is intense, and when it is over, the party is beaten, bloodied, and exhausted, but victorious. In desperate need of an extended rest, the party sets watch, and discusses their next move.

The Stairs Beckon

For an “empty” temple, there sure have been a lot of drakkoth, dragonspawn, and now dragonborn hanging around! Since our heroes have found no sign of the relic they seek in the temple, and since these draconic creatures were trying to move the altar, and since our heroes were clever enough to get it to move, maybe it’s time to proceed down the stairs that lead down before them.

The sounds of feet are heard behind the party as they prepare to descend. Two humanoids, Shivan (shifter warden) and Yog (changling sorcerer) arrive, summoning Din Faren to return to perform another errand for Sur’kil, but staying to add their numbers to the party.

The party descends the stairs, finding themselves in a large cavern with a sluggish river running through it. A large black dragon skeleton rests upon a pile of treasure in the near end of the cavern. This is apparently the final resting a place of Kha’shazul, who could have used the stream to exit through the nearby swamp.

In the light of a sunrod, Shivan notices movement among the gold coins – hoard scarabs! And the presence of two bog hags on the other side of the stream is noticed. Shivan charges forward to engage the hags, and the rest of the party attempts to stomp out the hoard scarabs. As Shivan charges into the stream, a ferymire crocodile rears up from the waters. But the party soon drives off the crocodile, stomps out the scarabs, and kills both hags.

Anyone Home?

Having expended significant resources getting to the temple, the party decides to take an extended rest outside the temple door. Afterall, why let this nice camp go to waste? And why ARE these drakkoths and dragonspawn out here?

The rest was nice, but there was business to attend to. The PCs entered the temple, finding themselves in a long, pillared corridor bisecting the temple. Meaningless words in draconic were written around the hall, and a large bas-relief of a black dragon beating down demons took up the far wall.

Heading down one wing, the PCs entered what appeared to be a sacrifice chamber, complete with iron cages and a small well. The floor was mostly covered with a mist, and several drakkoth were here as well as a dragonborn. Everyone had to keep on their toes, because the mist was a volatile haze that became charged with lightning during the fight. But the PCs overcame the hazard, the drakkoth, and the dragonborn. But no relics.

On to the next wing! It was hard to miss the stone dragon altar at the far end of the room, surrounded by prybars, hammers, and chisels. It was even harder to miss the drakkoth, dragonborn, and what appeared to be some sort of dragon cultist in the room. By now, Silverleaf and Emmere had realized that they were dealing with the Talons of Tiamat, a Dragon Below cult devoted the the Daughter of Khyber, the imprisoned Tiamat, on of the Lords of Dust.

Despite the floor turning into a bloody mess and becoming difficult to move across, the PCs quickly closed with the drakkoth and began dropping them. The Talon and the dragonborn, seeing that defeat was inevitable, attempted to escape. Only the dragonborn made it, but not until he had removed a ring from the dead body of the Talon and rolled through a secret door, being chased by Freakachu who was left jumping up and down on the pressure plate that opened the door.

Who Invited the Drakkoth?

Despite hiding in trees, despite using poison, despite even having 4 legs, the drakkoth have fallen to our intrepid band of heroes. But what about that reed whistle? And why were drakkoth watching the path to the temple? Wasn’t Sur’kil being very secretive about the possible existance of the relics?

A little further down the path, the jungle thins and some questions are answered. The party comes upon an encampment with several more drakkoth, and these are fully alert. One is even hiding in a tent, carefully choosing his moment to rush into battle. They fall quickly, and the last one flees the camp. The party “liberates” gold, gems, a potion of vitality, and an amulet of scales from the bodies and in the tents.

They now approach the temple. A pillared portico leads to a large double door. The smell of ozone is heavy in the air. On the portico stands the survivor from the camp, a large blue creature that crackles, and a medium-sized purplish humanoid with a tail. The purplespawn warns the party to leave, but the party does not listen.

As the fight commences, the creatures are joined by a greenspawn razorblade leaping out from where it was concealed in the trees. Even with reinforcements, the creatures are unable to stand against our heroes and fall.

How Did We Get Here?
A new band of heroes takes the stage



The heat is bad, the humidity worse. And the smell! Why do jungles have to smell so bad? The buzzing insects are beginning to persuade our heroes that they should have asked for more money, when suddenly the buzzing changes.

Character Creation Night

Remember – we are fleshing out characters this week. Check out the want add on the Dragon’s Eye campaign page to get some ideas about skills that will be useful in this next campaign.

Have We Met?

Surrounded by the cooling bodies of the dolgaunt and its dolgrim warriors, our heroes still haven’t found Doria. Advancing further into the hidden cavern complex, they feel their spirits lift as the influence of Mabar wanes and the lighting improves. Then, our heroes hear the word “Outlanders!” in a familiar voice.

It Is Alive!

The chanting humanoids were no help. And the four armed, double mouthed aberrations were even less friendly. The search for Doria goes on, but it’s getting darker and colder.


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