Eberron 4e

Crate Hopp’in

I’m tired of being considered the party coward. Thraxis was dead and there we are in the heart of the prison. Lead by the ranger and hapless sorcerer, we navigated our way back to the ship. (There are times when the sorcerer is a beast and there are times when he needs to sit on his hands and talk to himself. The journey home was one of the latter.) The pirates were slowly loading the ship watched by dwarves and an ogre. Little did we recognize the threat posed by the ballistas strategically positioned around the dock.

As the battle begun, the party focused on the ogre. He was staggered in no time. The dwarves blocked our approach to the ballista nearest the ship while it was clear that the ballista was going to make short work of the ship. There was no land approach to the ballista and time was running out. The Warden desperately tried to tie up the dwarves but they resisted his forced movement.

I got too close to the warden and the dwarves; the next thing I knew I was flanked and being pummeled. “Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you?” Lets face it, what do I ever do; I am a Fey, I teleport. Teleporting 10 feet up to the top of the crates, to the mocking jeers of “Pansy” from my comrades, I escaped with minor injuries. Out in the open, I charged the ballista drawing its fire. Lightening bolt after lightening bolt tried to thwart my assault but I had to take out the ballista and preserve our means of escape. My companions remained tied up by the dwarves as the final lightening bolt nearly killed me. Slumping behind one of the crates I regained my strength for a round, only to teleport back into action delivering the death blow to the ballista.

Not bad for the party wimp, taking out a ballista single handed. And the journey continues but the respect will never grow.


Break Out!

What started as a search for Thraxis has turned into a raid that has freed other prisoners. But where is that stupid gnome, and maybe more importantly, how do we get out of these caverns below Dreadhold now that we’ve broken in?”

Among the bodies littering the cave, the party finds a gnome. Drained of fluids and covered with tatoos similar to their abberant dragonmarks, our heroes quickly conclude that this must be Thraxis. Copying the tatoo, the party the retrace their steps out of the caverns, through the forgehold, and back to the dock. But as they reach the dock, the alarm is raised. Either their handiwork has been discovered, or they’ve been spotted!

There is a working party of dwarves, along with an ogre at the dock. Responding to the alarm and spotting the party, they move to engage. At the same time, several arcane ballistas in the cavern begin to fire on the ship.It’s a tough fight, but the party manages to fight through the guards, destroy one of the ballistas and board the ship. Captain Damog, in a near panic, managess to work the ship out of the secret cove before it is sunk.

Having both the journal, and the inscription that is the key to entering the tomb, our heroes sit back to enjoy the voyage back to Port Verde where the ship Sur’kil chartered for them waits. They now have the information to find Jhaemast’s tomb on the haunted island and rid themselves of their aberrant dragonmarks.

Note from the Warlock’s Corner

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing goes right, so went the battle. Deep into the cave we ventured in search of Thraxis’s remains. Ok, so I got the party lost and we were ambushed, worst things could have happened. Skillfully we traveled through the tunnels, despite my trail-sense and there they were face to face with the enemy. Some kind of enemy, that I am not familiar with, teleported away every time it was hit. Other shifted around us smacking us repeatedly, while I unable to land a single blow. One attack so horribly missed that the ricochet almost crippled me as it careened the stone walls of the cave. Maybe this was why the left me in the trap to rot. The other party members hate me. No matter how hard I try, I am never good enough. One day I will prove my worth.


Teleportation and Caves

There were a group of dwarves guarding the entrance to the mine. Thraxis had entered the mines. I guess as a party we still had to find him.

We tried to sneak past but the party was bum-rushed by the dwarves, preventing the party from adequately deploying. The defenders kept them tied up but it was really going to be my show. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly. With a might blast I crippled them with a mass curse only to grind that curse into their being moments later. Teleporting behind the enemy seemed like a good thing to do since they were well marked and helpless to harm me, or so I thought. There was an arcane sponge waiting for me on the other side, absorbing my energy only to inflict it upon my comrades. Once he realized I was his greatest threat he turned his attention on me but it was too late. One-on-one he was no match for me.

As we curl up to spend the night in the magic cave, I ponder the general discord among our party members. We have ventured quite some time together, yet we have formed few bonds to each other. There is a general dislike or mistrust towards me. I get a general sense that there is something wrong but I do not know what.

From the diary of Silverleaf: Still searching for his mother.


Standing in what obviously is a prisoner processing area, our heroes must find their way past the gated door as they continue their search for Thraxis and his shipmate Jukkeam.

Pirate's Tool

Another Excerpt from “Bouncing Betty” your Friendly Neighborhood Warlock:

Without respect I continue my journey with this party. Searching for Thraxis has led us to attempting a prison break with a group of pirates. Pirate-wars, a new game to be played desperate and shiftless, and how did we get involved? With ease we entered the prison island, taking down the first group of guards. A warforged and a hapless tinker should be no match for us. The tinker was mine. Rushing into position, I blasted him into the great beyond. I’ll pop into position for the next foe but as I teleported into position, a darkness surrounded me. Each attempt to teleport only returned me to the same position. I was trapped. My Eldritch blasts seemed to be absorbed by the lock. Round after round I tried to free myself only to nod off into a deep sleep wondering if the party even missed me, NOT

In Search of Thraxis

“The gnome was taken along with some other folk by the blasted Cloudreavers six months back. Those filthy scum then sold them to the dwarves that run Dreadhold prison. They’s workin’ them as slaves in some mine or another underneath the prison tower. Never thought I’d be sayin’ it, but I’m fixin’ to head in there meself, to look for a lad named Jukkeam, one o’ dear Thraxis’s friends. I could use help from fightin’ folk like yerselves. Interested?” – Damog Hellscurvy to our band of heroes.

Standing among the cooling bodies of House Kundarak guards, our heroes tense as they hear the sound of large feet pounding down the corridor. But their fears are for nought as around the corner comes their old bugbear companion, Teddy, and his pet cat. Fortunately, Teddy had been sailing with Capt. Damog, but our heroes hadn’t seen him – he’d been busy moving barrels of root beer below decks on the journey.

Following Damog’s crude map, the party comes upon the only landmark before the cells – the forgehold where prisoners are shackeled. Entering the room, our heroes see a dwarf artificer hammering out dents in a warforged. The party moves quickly, trying to smash down resistance before a warning can be sounded. But all is not as easy as it seems.

The artificer falls quickly, but Silverleaf vanishes as he teleports. And then, sand golems emerge from several barrels of sand in the room. Eventually, the party beats down the warforged, dispatches the sand golems, and finds Silverleaf locked up in a cell beneath the forge – victim of a Telport Catcher.

Captain Rengrave

The cargo had been offloaded, the Lyrander sailing master had the watch, and Capitan Rengrave was in his cabin, reminiscing about the Last War with his ship’s mage.

Rengrave missed the war and all the opportunities it provided him. He found it ironic that now he sailed the seas in the vicinity of Dreadhold, the prison he was to be sent to for his alleged war crimes. Most of all, he looked forward to the inevitable resumption of hostilities among the nations of Khorvaire.

Suddenly, a cry of warning sounds from the watch. Rengrave and the mage quickly leave the cabin and discover that the Laughing Lady is being boarded. Rengrave turns to hack at a half-elf climbing over the side of his ship. As he does so, he is hit in the back by a tremendous force and pushed overboard. Surfacing, he sees that a group of misfits including at least two half-elves, a shifter, and a hafling have taken over the Lady. As Rengrave watches, he sees his enemy Damog leading a pirate crew aboard his ship.

Somehow, he will get his ship back. He will have revenge. Using a token that allows him to breath underwater, Rengrave slips below the waves and heads for shore. Then he feels the presence. “Captain Rengrave, you have sailed far and wide leaving fire and blood. For your many vile actions, you shall receive a reward.”

The Pillar We Cannot Pass

The marks upon it are as dragonmarks, yet unlike them, and surely hold the key – from the journal of Elaim ir’Veldras

But the copied marks were missing from the journal. The gnome artificer Thraxis, a member of Eliam’s expedition, had torn the pages with the markings from Eliam’s journal. He then had them tatooed on his flesh and destroyed the journal pages. Since the marking may hold the key to entering the tomb, our heroes felt compelled to hunt down Thraxis.

Heading to Port Verge, our heroes quickly picked up Thraxis’ trail. Unfortunately, he had vanaished several months earlier, apparently captured by a rival priate crew and sold into slavery. But the search put our heroes in contact with Captain Damog hellscurvy – a captain with a mission, but short of crew and ship. A deal was quickly brokered and our heroes were off to steal a ship.

Our heroes leading the way, the pirate ship Laughing Lady was boarded, siezed, and sailed out of Port Verge to Dreadhold. Isolated in the cold waters off Cape Far, the massive prison known as Dreadhold is the dumping ground for the most dangerous criminals in Khorvaire. As they approached, the dark sea air was heavy and oppressive. Atop the rocky island, a thick black fog cloaked the prison. Only a single iron tower could be seen, jutting defiantly into the sky. Below it, angry waves crashed against the jagged shoreline.

Go to Finding the Path for a picture of Dreadhold.

After carefully maneuvering through the outer reefs by following faintly glowing orbs floating on buoys, the Laughing Lady entered a sea cave barely large enough to accommodate her. As our heroes settled into large storage crates, they heard shouted hails as the ship was drawn up to an underground dock. Through peepholes in the crates, they caught glimpses of activity, spying a few dwarves, a hulking ogre, and what appears to be a massive ballista aimed directly at the ship.

Eventually, the crates containing our heroes were hoisted off the ship and moved down a corridor. Several dwarves, staying behind to guard the room and inventory the crates, recieved their final surprise as the crates burst open and our intrepid band of heroes charged off on their mission to rescue Thraxis.

Burn Baby, Burn!

Vorgaard’s mansion is large, nice, and burning. If the journal they seek is here, our heroes better find it before it goes up in smoke!

As nice as the place looked from the outside, it was even more impressive once our heroes charged through the door! Vorgaard’s collection of arms, armor, and the macabre was extensive. But the exhibit hall was filling with smoke, and a Talon of Tiamat had noticed their entrance. He commanded the dragonborn raiders in this room to kill our heroes, and left the room. But Shivan noticed the Talon brush his hand over a spot on the wall as he exited.

The fight raged around the large exhibit hall as smoke filled the room from the burning east and north wings, and a mysterious mist formed in the center of the room. As the fight went on, Silverleaf was able to position himself near the door the Talon had exited through and could overhear the sounds of someone (or several someones) tearing apart the west wing, clearly in search of something. An attempt to teleport blindly into the room and scout landed Silverleaf in the middle of a large bookcase, bringing it down on him.

But the occupants of the library, including the Talon, were focused on exiting said library and escaping the burning mansion back through the exhibit hall.

They didn’t make it. From a pocket of the creature once known as a Talon of Tiamat, Shiva recovered the sought-for journal. Clearly, someone else is on the same trail.


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