Eberron 4e

Where Did The Nice Lady Go?

One minute, she was explaining how she had been kidnapped from her position as a provost for Morgrave University and forced to help the Emerald Claw in their search for the fourth schema. Then she quickly grabbed something that looked an awful lot like the creation pattern with three schemas in it, dropped it in the pocket of her work smock, chugged a potion, and vanished. Who knew this rotund older lady could move so fast? And where have we seen this sort of escape before? And most important, what aid was called for after she vanished?


The PCs found themselves in a corridor that ran the length of the ruin, with a titanic throne in the center. Two hallways opened into this corridor on the opposite side. Several Emerald Claw soldiers, lead by a dueregar, charged out the nearest one. A staff bearing tiefling and another Emerald Claw soldier came out the farther one. And with that, the party learned the answer to the question about aid.

Azarn quickly blocked the nearest hallway with Hunger of Hador, cutting off some of the Emerald Claw reinforcements. The rest of the party rushed to attack the dueregar warrior that had been leading the reinforcements. The party now invented a new game called “Ping Pong Dueregar” as they repeatedly forced the warrior back into the darkness formed by the Hunger of Hador, finally killing him.

The party then closed with the tiefling, who had been picking away at them throughout the combat. They finally dropped him, but only after half the party was down and on the verge of death.

But where had the lady gone? During the rush towards the duergar, Ba Lazar had briefly sat on the throne and saw a vision of the heavens. This must hold the key! The party finally put it together, reciting the names of the constellations they had gotten off the ziggurats while seated on the giant throne. They found themselves teletported to a new, ginormous chamber.

And there was the lady – apparently arguing with voices in her head and finally taking the creation pattern and flinging it into to dark recesses of the large room. She then collapsed and began changing forms, becoming the half elf sky pirate and finally Garrow, then back to the portly female provost. The party members looked at each other, and surged forward as one, cutting Garrow’s throat as he lay there unable to defend himself.

Moving forward into the cavernous chamber in search of the creation pattern, the party witnessed the fourth schema detach itself from a wall, float towards the creation pattern, and the whole attach itself to the chest of what appeared to be a gigantic ancient warforged titan.

Current XP levels:

  • Alviar: 11,235
  • Azarn Silverleaf: 17,825
  • Ba Lazar: 13,085
  • Elthilis: 9,540
  • Freakachu: 12,140
  • Grimm: 7,500
  • Teddy: 11,785
  • Thorgrim Doomhammer: 9,600
Where Did The Nice Lady Go?

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