Eberron 4e

Trebaz Sinara

Our heroes head to Regalport to drop off Jukkeam and claim their reward. Then, armed with Eliam’s journal and the missing notes copied from the corpse of the unfortunate Thraxis, our band of heroes boards the Swiftwind and makes their way to the haunted island of Trebaz Sinara. There, they hope to find the secret of the Dragon’s Eye and their own survival.

As they transited from the Laughing Lady to the Swiftwind, our heroes were accosted by some old “friends” – the changling Veln, dragonborn and Seren barbarians, and Rengrave, the former captain of the Laughing Lady and now bearing a new guise. Once again, they sought the Dragon’s Eye. And once again, they were denied. Veln finally met his end at our heroes hands, but Rengrave cried “Death is only the beginning” and stepped off the dockside, vanishing beneath the waves.

The Swiftwind bore up to her name and brought our heroes to the island of Trebaz Sinara without problems. Going ashore in a small boat, our heroes followed the clues in the journal and eventually found the entrance to the tomb.


Current XP: Emmere (47,788); Freakachu (55.188); Gambler (48,693); Shivan (55,950); Silverleaf (55,950); Yog (48432)

Trebaz Sinara

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