Eberron 4e

The Night SIlverleaf Went Crazy

Summoned to see Lady Elaydren, Arazan and Teddy are joined by a motley crew of new adventurers. Arazan’s sister, Iyanna Silverleaf and her party are missing. They had gone to investigate some snakedtongued cultists who had been raiding a town near the Oreli Swamp (1 week north). That night as they prepare to leave, Arazan let out a loud scream and then became catatonic, staring off into space. The party deduces that Arazan must have a mental link with his sister. If the link has resulted in this catatonic state it means that she must be in grave danger. They remember that Kakuchi cultist have a mind searching ritual which might help them search Arazan’s mind to figure out what is going on. Locating the cultists, they probe Arazan’s mind and discover that he and the party would be no match for Iyanna and her party. Thus the overall danger may be more than the party can handle by itself. As Arazan tells the party that unconsciousness will break the link/control, he is hit in the back of the head rendering him unconscious and ending his flow of information. (Standing over the limp Arazan, the new adventurer says “Oops, did I do that”.) It is quickly apparent that Arazon will not awaken until the threat to his sister is over and it was not his unconsciousness that was being discussed.

On route to the Swamp of Oreli the party was stopped by Lordan and his raiders. The monk snuck through the forest discovering the ambush. Given the time he could have disarmed the threat. The Druid took his wolf form and provided back-up to the monk. Rather than buying time for the monk to do his thing, the invoker provoked Lordan into the fight. While victorious in the end the archers hidden in the forest provided ample support for Lordan’s raiders who took down half of the party before the day was done and Lordan knelt before the party in his underwear. Lordan acknowledged seeing Iyanna’s party but had left them alone realizing that they were far to formidable to be reckoned with. Completely oblivious to the danger before them, the party continues its journey.



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