Eberron 4e

Lift Up Your Skirt

What is unmanly about delivering death from the shadows? If I were an assassin, attacking from the shadows would spawn fear in my enemies but as a warlock, I considered a girl. Brains over brawn, is my mantra. By the way, I wear a robe not a skirt.

As we entered the tomb, it was obvious that the adventures who went before us met an untimely demise at the legs of some hideous spider. Their preserved half-digested remains indicated that the spider was near. As we entered the second room we were attacked by two swarms of spiders. Positioning myself brilliantly, I would have scorched the spiders if I could only target them. Miss after miss, not paying attention to the monstrous spider approaching from my rear, the next thing I knew my system was ravaged by deadly arachnid. As usual, I teleported out of danger and lay down the smack down on our eight-legged adversary.

Descending into the tomb we encountered a minor trap and then found ourselves in a dimensional rift guarded by some wraiths and some sort of demon dogs. As usual the ranger taunted with irritating stupidity. I should have left him there too die, locked in the portals entry but that is not me, girl or not. At a safe distance, they teleported in and I fried them while the barbarian disarmed the trap leading further into the earth, protected by the bard and the defender. They were happily vaporizing wraiths.


There’s nothing unmanly about delivering death from the shadows. But Silverleaf is usually running into the shadows to hide. It doesn’t help that he now carries a handbag instead of a dagger for defense.

Lift Up Your Skirt

you’re right, it’s not a skirt… it’s a dress. my bad.

Lift Up Your Skirt

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