Eberron 4e

Another day another adventure, as the saga continues the party moves forward like the dysfunctional family that they are. Before the ship, the island and the lion’s mouth, we were greeted by the changling Veln, Rengrave and some of their henchmen. Rengrave had changed, there was an unholy look to him and the ambush was unsettling.

Joined by a barbarian, tactically we began to fend off our attackers. An orc henchman dropped his axe with his first attack at me, allowing me to bolt and position myself for battle. Cursing Rengrave to get his attention, I then proceeded to lay down a merciless beat down on his unholy behind.

Functioning as a well oiled machine, we began to take our enemies apart. For the first time it appeared that we had gotten it. All of a sudden they recognized Veln, teamwork out the window. Let’s party at/on Veln. Everyone congregated on Veln leaving me alone with Regrave and a dragonborn. I pointed out that I was not equipped for melee but my companions ignored my plea leaving me all alone. I did what I do best, booked out of there, hitting Regrave with one last blast. Rengrave leaped off the dock and we made short work of the rest of our assailants.


you forgot the part about your skirt =P

Hung Out to Dry

That was classic – especially coming from Ashley!

Hung Out to Dry

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