Eberron 4e

As they return to Regalport, our heroes recieve a brief message from Sur’kil via sending stone. “My enemies have found me. I have been taken to Argonnessen. South of Talon Bay, atop the Fang Crater. Do what the Prophecy has foretold.


The name Argonnessen brings a shudder to even the bravest explorers, for it is a land of mystery and fear. Vicious tides and murderous rocks surround it, and fierce barbarian tribes inhabit its shores. yet much greater perils lie beyond its shores.

Argonnessen is the ancestral home of Eberron’s dragons, which guard the land’s legendary wonders.


Streetwise: Hostile barbarians, both human and dragonborn, reside onthe isle os Seren. Most of the human barbarian tribes worship the dragons as gods, but the dragonborn barbarians revere them as kings and ancestors. Both seek to prevent outsiders from traveling any farther into Argonnessen.


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